Meet Jason Game: Developer and Designer who uses Unity and the ZTP book series

A while ago, I was talking to Jason, who is one of the (many) passionate game developers on this mailing list; he has been using the books Unity from Zero to Proficiency series and has made some pretty cool games since then. I thought it would be great if he could share some insights and some of his current projects.

So let’s meet Jason!

Pat: Hey Jason! Glad to have you here.  Can you tell us more about you and your background?

Jason: “My name is Jason Wheeler. I’m a computer programmer in Columbus, Ohio. I enjoy traveling and obviously video games.  My end goal in writing games is to bring some of what I’ve seen and learned in my travels to world.  I’m also a member of the COGG meetup group which is working to support the rise of the game development industry in Ohio. We have a wonderful art community in Columbus but not yet enough support to get things off the ground. We will get there though.”

Pat: This sounds like a great initiative; fair play to you. You are obviously working hard to promote game development and to also create innovative games;  I think you have used some (if not all) of the books in the series “From Zero to Proficiency”. How did  the books help you creating games?

Jason: “I’ve read all three of the Unity 5 from Zero to Proficiency books.  The books provided me the basic skills I need to utilize Unity effectively.  The Skillful Thursday tips were a surprising bonus that I really enjoyed.  I believe the best way to learn game development is by example.  I would encourage any new game developer to follow as many examples as they can.  The examples in these books have been easy to follow along with and inspired some fun ideas that I explored but never released. I’m really excited for the fourth book in the series so I can learn some important skills, like multi-player and utilizing databases with Unity.”

Pat: Glad you enjoyed the books Jason 🙂 ; yes, the Skillful Thursday are really there to help people progress by delivering small but useful examples that you can use right away; Talking about applying these examples, can you describe one of the games you have been working on recently?

Jason: “Batty McBatface is my first full game release.  Batty is a bat-faced dragon that needs your help exploring the world to discover treasure and powerful magic.  He’s bit clumsy though and will run into the environment.  Luckily he comes equipped with a magic shield to protect him.  Some of the islands will explode violently when he touches them and causes his shield to lose power.  Batty will have to find potions to keep the shield powered up and some magic will allow it to last longer.  Progression through the game involves unlocking power ups to make it further into the level and unlocking new magic.  I’ve recently released the first world update in the form of an Autumn makeover and Autumn magic.  My future plans for the game include multiple world selections, achievements, some additional power ups and many more characters. “

Pat: Cool! Looks like you are really inspired! Keep-up the good work! This sounds super exciting, where can people see (and more importantly play) your game?

Jason: “You can find more about my games using the following links”

@Morithule (Twitter)

Pat: That’s perfect Jason; I’m sure many people will want to check-out your game and see what they can do after completing the books; this interview is ending shortly; any last thing, you’d like to say…

Jason:   “Yeah…Keep a look out for my future games that will be made possible with these new skills.”

Pat: Awesome; thanks Jason

Jason: Cheers Pat

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