Unity from Zero To Proficiency

This series includes 4 books and takes the reader from no knowledge of Unity to good levels of proficiency. After completing this series, you will be comfortable with Unity’s Interface; you will also be able to create 3D games with non-player characters (including a First-person Shooter) and artificial intelligence; you will also learn how to create networked games, procedural levels, and to interact with an online database.

A Beginner’s Guide to

This series includes 4 books that explain how to create popular 2D games (platformers, infinite runner, shooters, puzzles) and it also show you how to publish your 2D games to the Android platform. Along the way, you will also learn how to use C# and Unity.

A Quick Guide To

This series includes 4 (more on the way) books that take less than 60 minutes to complete; the books will get you to get started with popular topics such as 3D Worlds, Artificial intelligence, C#, Infinite Runner and much more.

Unity from Proficiency to Mastery

This series includes 4 books (3 more to be published) that explain a specific topic in details so that you get to improve and Master specific aspects of your games.

Ultimate Guides

These books provides the opportunity for readers to buy a full series (e.g., Zero to proficiency) in one book at a discount; the idea is that if you plan on buying all the books in one particular series. you can, in order to get them at a 35% discount, buy the ultimate guide instead; for example the pdf version of the 4 books in the series Zero to Proficiency cost $25, whereas the ultimate guide can be bought for $16 instead (-35%). So it makes sense to buy the ultimate guide instead.

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