Becoming Familiar with Unity: Level Roundup


In this tutorial [9/9], we summarize the skills acquired to date about becoming familiar with Unity.

Well done!

In this tutorial, we have learned about several core features of Unity3D. We became more comfortable wit the interface and learned how and why to use the different views. We also learned how to add and transform built-in assets, including cubes, lights, and cameras. We also looked into how to modify the appearances of each box by importing and or creating materials. Building on this knowledge, we created a simple level with a staircase and ground, and added two types of controllers so that we could navigate through the scene. We looked at different ways to manage the assets included in our project by grouping them (using empty objects) and searching them with corresponding search windows and terms.  Finally we have learnt how to export our scene so that it can be viewed in a web browser.


  • You can add a combination of built-in objects to your scene
  • Objects can have a color, a texture, or both
  • Unity includes pre-build packages (assets) that you can use to implement specific navigation (i.e., first- or third-person controllers) or camera effects (e.g., follow target).
  • You can manage and search for assets in your projects using relevant search windows and search by types or name.
  • Objects can be grouped (using empty objects) so that transformation are applied to all of them (rather than individual transformations)
  • Views in your project can be moved around to suit your workflow

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