Adding and Piloting an Aircraft using Unity’s Built-in Vehicle Assets

b2 Last week, we looked into how to add and drive a car using Unity’s built-in vehicle assets, and I hope this was fun. This week, we resume the addition of vehicles by adding and piloting an aircraft. As mentioned earlier, Unity offers several types of vehicles, including a car and an aircraft. In this section, we will focus on adding and piloting an aircraft to fly over the island and see it from the sky. First let’s add the aircraft:

  • Go to the folder Assets | Standard Assets | Vehicles | AirCraft | Prefabs and drag and drop the asset labeled AircraftJet from its folder onto the scene view, near the first person controller. plane1
  • Then, we will deactivate the Car since we will not be using it for navigation. To do, so, select the Car in the scene and, using the Inspector deactivate this object (uncheck the box as illustrated on the next figure).

plane2 plane3

  • Finally, we will set the car as the target for this camera by dragging and dropping the car object to the Target attribute of the camera.


  • Once this is done, you should be able to play the scene, and pilot the aircraft by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard (down arrow to go up).


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