Your are my new favorite person

You. Are. Awesome.

In a couple minutes, you’ll get an email with a direct download link to obtain your resources  and you and can look forward to a lifetime of mind-blowing game creation goodness coming your way. But while we’re sitting here awkwardly waiting for that email to arrive, let’s do this:Tell me a little about you so I can work to make Learn2CreateGames an even better resource for you in the future.


Thank you!

Thanks so much for your input. I bet that confirmation email is there now. (If not, check the spam folder or search for an email from And welcome to learntocreategames!


Has the email arrived yet?

If not, no problem, you can still access your content using this link; the password is zerotoproficiency.





7 thoughts on “Your are my new favorite person

  1. Rama

    this seems like a good idea by creating a resource for people like me in terms of a creative struggle to get going on a project. I hope you can benefit people in future game game developers to create a stepping stone to their careers in the future.

  2. Lee

    I’m listening to this book on Amazon’s audible. I love how in-depth the author goes with details and step by step method. And the shortcuts that would take ages to figure out and all in plain and simple terms. Thank you Mr Felicia.


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