Unity from Zero to Proficiency (Intermediate) Has Been Updated

The Book “Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Intermediate)” has been recently updated to include five additional chapters on Artificial Intelligence (see description below).

These chapters will help you to improve your FPS, including:
– Off-mesh links and area costs so that NPCs can avoid sections or jump vertically and horizontally to avoid obstacles and reach their targets.
Fixed or random paths to make NPC behaviours more realistic and impredictable.
– The use of vision and hearing for NPCs.
– Advanced behaviours to create smarter NPCs that can flee from or ambush the player.
The creation and management of armies of NPCs controlled by you or AI.


The updated book is available from my site here, or on your favorite e-book store here.
To be in for a chance to win a free copy of this book, you can enter a draw here; 10 Winners will be annouced on Wednesday 11th January 2023.

Learn C# with Unity, and create a full FPS game without the headaches
Without this book, most people spend too long trying to learn C# with Unity the hard way. This book is the only one that will get you to learn Unity fast without wasting so much time. It includes twelve chapters that painlessly teach you the necessary skills to create an FPS game and to learn intermediate C# and Unity techniques.

What you will learn
After completing this book, you will be able to:

  • Use Unity’s built-in methods.
  • Use Rigidbody physics to propel airborne objects.
  • Use a Finite State Machine to create intelligent Non-Payer Characters(NPCs).
  • Manage 3D animations for the NPCs.
  • Create NPCs who can chase the player.
  • Create and manage weapons and ammunition for the player.
  • Include advanced Artificial Intelligence for NPCs including: vision, hearing, random paths, fleeing from or ambusghing the player.
  • Create a 2D scrolling shooter.

Content and structure of this book
The content of the books is as follows:

  • In Chapter 1, you will create a simple 3D game where the user has to reach the end of the level by avoiding projectiles from intelligent robots.
  • In Chapter 2, you will create a gun and a grenade launcher that the player can use to defeat enemies.
  • In Chapter 3, you will start to use Mecanim and NavMesh navigation to control an animated character that detects, follows, or attacks the player.
  • In Chapter 4, you will combine the skills that you have acquired in the previous chapters to create a fully functional level where the player needs to escape a level full of armed NPCs. You will also learn how to generate a game level dynamically from your code.
  • In Chapter 5, you will add off mesh links and manage costs and areas so that NPCs can avoid sections.
  • In Chapter 6, you will make it possibel for NPCs to follow fixed or random paths.
  • In Chapter 7, you will add vision and hearing to the NPCs.
  • In Chapter 8, you will create smarter NPCs that can flee from or ambush the player.
  • In Chapter 9, you will control an army of NPCs and create an AI-driven oppoite team.
  • In Chapter 10, you will create a simple 2D scrolling shooter.
  • In Chapter 11, you will improve your game by adding explosions and a scrolling background.
  • In Chapter 12, you will add intelligent spaceships that attack the player.
  • In Chapter 13, you will include a shield to the player’s spaceship, along with other interesting features (e.g., sound FX, a scoring system, etc)

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