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5 Tips to Solve your Linear Algebra Headaches Fast with Unity!


When you start creating games, you usually dive straight into the code, and if you are using Unity, you may not need to understand Linear Algebra concepts at the very start, as many of the operations are handled nicely in built-in functions; this being said, you may reach a point wen you need to understand more how linear algebra can be applied in Unity so that you can unlock some pretty cool features that you will be able to use to embellish and customize your game. However, this can be the start of endless headaches, and this the reason why I thought I would just compile the some tips and code so hat you can get started right away with Linear Algebra in Unity.

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Solve all your Linear Algebra Headaches and Get to Understand How it Works with Unity.

Introduction to Linear Algebra and Unity: Part 1

Throughout your learning with Unity, and although you may not initially like algebra, you will find it very useful to understand some basic concepts linked to vectors, matrices, and operations that can be performed between them. If these names sound exotic to you or have given you a headache in the past, not to worry, they will be explained in depth and clearly in relation to Unity so that you gain a clear understanding of their application in the context of game development with Unity. If you ever wondered, for instance,  how NPCs can detect you in half-life, and how wind can be simulated, after completing this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Understand basic mathematical concepts such as scalars and vectors
  • Understand how they can be used in Unity in both the scene view and through coding
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