Using Unity’s Built-in Path Finding System: An Introduction


In this video tutorial, you will earn how to quickly create NPCs that avoid obstacles while progressing towards the player.

In this tutorial you will learn the following:


  • [0.30]: Setting-up the environment (FPC + walls + colors + materials)
  • [4.34]: Adding the NPC
  • [5.45]: Creating a Navmesh Agent
  • [6.00]: Creating a simple (JavScript) Script for path navigation and link it to the NPC and FPC (i.e., setting the destination)
  • [10.12]: Setting static obstacles for the navigation and baking the scene


  • [1.00]: Changing the code to make it possible to have a dynamic target (NPC following a moving object)
  • [3.10]: Extending the maze and ensuring that the new walls are baked
  • [7.40]: Adding multiple NPCs




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