New Book on 3D Animation in Unity

Being able to animate your 3D character and to control it through C# is quite important because it makes it possible to make your game more engaging, to include characters that look believable, and to build games that are more fun to play; so knowing how to animate 3D characters can certainly boost the appeal of your game.

Now, there are many books and resources on 3D animation; however, it is difficult to find a book that doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information at a time, and that guides you step-by-step in the process of becoming proficient in 3D Animation in Unity.

So this is the reason why I created “Getting Started with 3D animation in Unity“, a new book that will get you started smoothly with 3D Character Animation in Unity.

>> Getting Started with 3D Animation in Unity is out today at $1.99: Grab your Copy today before the price goes up tomorrow . <<

If you need to get started with 3D Character Animation, and to understand the different aspects involved (e.g., Mecanim, Finite-State Machine, transition, Animator Controllers, etc.) in a very clear and understandable way, then this book is for you.

In this book, you will not only learn 3D Animation in Unity but also enjoy the journey, without the frustration. It includes five chapters that painlessly guide you through the necessary skills to animate and control 3D Characters in Unity. It assumes no prior knowledge on your part and ensures that you have all the information and explanations that you need every step of the way. All the information is introduced progressively.

After completing this book, you will be able to:

  • Control 3D animated characters in Unity.
  • Understand how to create and use a Finite-State Machine (FSM) in Unity through Mecanim.
  • Create parameters, states, and transitions for this FSM.
  • Create blend trees in Mecanim to include smooth transitions between animations.
  • Control your character through a C# script.
  • Combine Character Controllers and Finite State Machines for more realistic movements.


Getting started with 3D Animation in Unity is available today for $1.99 (before the price goes up to 2.99 tomorrow)!

=>> Don’t wait: Grab Your copy today!

Talk soon,

– Pat

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