Free PDF Sample Chapters for 7 books on Unity Today.

You can now access a free pdf sample of any of the book published on this website.

ztp_foundationsztp_intermediate ztp_beginner ztp_advanced 2d_platform_kindle 2d_shooter_kindle abgt_puzzle

So far, this list includes 7 books on Unity that teach a wide range of very handy Unity skills (i.e., 2D shooter games, 2D puzzle games, 2D platform games, AI, networked games, collision detection, animation, audio, 2D games, etc); they also provide introductions to C# and JavaScript programming.

If you have been considering some of these topics  you can now download the first chapters of any these books for free today and see how they can help you to create games; here is how:

– Open this page.
– Select a book (i.e., click on it).
– On the new page, select the link “Free Book Sample”.
– Click on the button labelled Checkout; this will take you to a FREE Checkout page where you just have to enter your email address to receive the pdf sample.

That’s it.

PS: If there is a topic that should be covered, please leave a note/comment.



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