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Unity from Zero To Proficiency

This series includes 5 books and takes the reader from no knowledge of Unity to good levels of proficiency in both game programming and C#. This book series is structured so that readers go through a proven path that will lead them to game programming and C# proficiency. After completing each of these books, you will progressively build your knowledge of and proficiency in Unity and programming.

After completing this series, you will be able to:

  • Create 3D environments with Unity.
  • Create 3D Games with Unity.
  • Create RGPs, FPSs, and survival games.
  • Create 2D games with Unity (e.g., platformer, shooter, or card games).
  • Create and update a user interface.
  • Add and control sound effects.
  • Create and load new levels.
  • Use and configure Finite State Machines in Unity.
  • Animate Characters in Unity.
  • Create Intelligent NPCs who can detect the player, and make decisions.
  • Use AI to make NPCs more believable.
  • Access Databases through Unity.
  • Create levels procedurally and through XML, and text files or randomly.
  • Create networked games.
  • Master C# through the creation of games.
  • Apply Object-Oriented Concepts to build your games.
  • Design engaging games.

Book #1

Book #2

Book #3

Book #4

Book #5

Beginners’ Guides

This series includes 4 books that explain how to create popular 2D games (platformers, infinite runner, shooters, puzzles). They also show you how to publish your 2D games to the Android platform. Along the way, you will also learn how to use C# and Unity. They provide a complete solution from start to finish as to how to design and create these games.
After completing these books you will be able to:

  • Code your games in C#.
  • Create a game from start o finish.
  • Publish your game to Google Play.
  • Creative addictive games in a wide range of game genres.
  • Design fun games that can be played by your friends.

Quick Guides

This series includes 4 books that take less than 60 minutes to complete; the books will get you to get started with popular topics such as 3D Worlds, Artificial intelligence, C#, Infinite Runner and much more. You need these books if:

  • You want to get introduced to a topic quickly and you don’t have much time.
  • You would like to start with Unity but don’t know how to.
  • You want to make your very first steps into game creation.

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Unity from Proficiency to Mastery

This series includes 2 books that dive into Artificial Intelligence and C#. These books are for you if:

  • You have already read the series “Unity from Zero to Proficiency” and want to further your understanding of C# (when used with Unity) or Artificial Intelligence.
  • You need a quick cookbook to know the C# methods that you need for your game.
  • You want to make your NPCs more intelligent and more believable.

Ultimate Guides

These books provide the opportunity for readers to buy a full series (e.g., Zero to proficiency) in one book at a significant discount; the idea is that if you plan on buying all the books in one particular series. you can, in order to get them at a discount, buy the ultimate guide instead.

JavaScript from Zero to proficiency

This series includes 4 (planned) books and takes the reader from no knowledge of JavaScript to good levels of proficiency. After completing this series, you will be comfortable with JavaScript.

C# from Zero to Proficiency

This series includes 4 (planned) books and takes the reader from no knowledge of C# to good levels of proficiency. After completing this series, you will be comfortable with C#.

Getting Started with

This series includes books and that get the reader started on a technical topic quickly with no prior knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Unity Books

  1. David Richards

    Just finished the Foundations book. Excellent. Everything worked just like the instructions said. I did have a problem with adding a grass texture to a terrain object. I was painting grass but I could not see it. Turns out the grass asset was too short to see at the screen height I was at. When I previewed the game I could see the grass had painted just fine.

  2. Oscar Taylor

    Book: Unity from Zero to Proficiency (Foundations)
    Kindle Reader (Windows) about 35% through.

    We are to import the tile.jpg for use on the ground block and then set the x and y tile settings to 10. It would seem that it did not tile correctly by default.

    To correct this, I went into the import settings of the tile texture in the Inspector and made sure that “Wrap mode” is on “Repeat” and not “Clamp”. This made it look like the image in the book.


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