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2 thoughts on “Protected: Resources for Book 1

  1. Mike Mitter

    Awesome book btw, will probably buy the rest of the series shortly. I like that you used alot of pictures and that your explanations aren’t just huge blocks of text. I bought alot of unity books but your series is the only one that I actually kept. At first I had some issues with the standard assets but there is a few work arounds on the net. Your second series of books also looks promising, however, is there any way to get a discount. I initially found your books because each one was fairly affordable (20 to 30 bucks CAD). I don’t have a kindle and I’m trying to minimize my screen time. Otherwise great work, I’ll be getting FPS in unity next. Are there any plans for a unity VR book in the future?

    1. Patrick Post author

      Hi there,
      VR is part of the next items on y list.
      You can get the pdf books from this site (they are usually better value than the Amazon prices)
      Otehr than that, you can buy all 4 books in teh series at a discount (Ultimate Guide)
      Talk soon


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