Monthly Archives: September 2017

Mapping Object Oriented Principles to C# with Unity & Syntax


In Unity, when using C# to create your game, you will be writing statements and creating new classes in C# following an object-oriented programming syntax. However, compared to the usual Object Oriented programming practices, Unity’s syntax may seem different, at first glance, even to seasoned developers. So this post will help you to compare and see how Object Oriented concepts can be used with Unity.

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School Bundle (i.e., site license) ending this Thursday

From September onward, a “School Bundle” will be made available to schools and universities; the idea is to make the books and videos more accessible to students.

As a teacher, you will be able to enroll your class or school to the “School Bundle”; all students will then have access to all my books (the ones that I have published) in pdf format, as well as all the videos currently available on plus any additional course or video, for 12 months.


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