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How to Solve 5 common Unity errors and Stay Motivated…


Debugging is generally quite frustrating and painstaking. And as you start scripting filled with enthusiasm¬† and compiling your first lines of codes with this burning desire to see what it does when you run it, this energy can quickly be tamed down as the console windows returns undecipherable errors that you find it difficult to understand. As time goes on, and these errors remain¬† after inspecting your code for the 100th times, frustration starts to set in and you may just decide to leave the project for a while or just close down the computer and chill in front of your favorite movie/series and relax. But wait…..We have all been there. There is light at the end of the tunnel and some simple tips and principles you can follow to decode these error message. So let’s look at five tips that can help you to move-on and get this script working.

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The one million dollar question: why do we keep procrastinating coding our dream game…


“Why do we keep procrastinating, let ourselves discouraged by the tiniest hurdles and end-up with unfinished projects?”

As you start coding games, you probably have the ambition to create a game either for yourself, your friends or your children. You have probably already defined the scenario, the characters and the gameplay that will fill them with joy and engage them to an extent that they want to spend countless hours playing and completing the game. This is creativity as its best and all of us have it and want to use it. This dream or ambition usually fuels our learning and motivation and helps us to move ahead, to learn more, despite the challenges ahead.

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5 Tips to Solve your Linear Algebra Headaches Fast with Unity!


When you start creating games, you usually dive straight into the code, and if you are using Unity, you may not need to understand Linear Algebra concepts at the very start, as many of the operations are handled nicely in built-in functions; this being said, you may reach a point wen you need to understand more how linear algebra can be applied in Unity so that you can unlock some pretty cool features that you will be able to use to embellish and customize your game. However, this can be the start of endless headaches, and this the reason why I thought I would just compile the some tips and code so hat you can get started right away with Linear Algebra in Unity.

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