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The following provides a summary of the section covered and the corresponding time so that you can skip

  • [00:00] Course Objectives
  • [01:23] Downloading Unity + System Requirements
  • [03:54] Launching Unity + Different Views explained
  • [07:06] Adding Objects and Textures (ground from cube)
  • [12:11] Duplicating Boxes and Applying Colors
  • [17:49] Adding a First-Person Controller
  • [19:32] Adding a third-Person Controller
  • [22:08] Adding a Camera that follows the player
  • [25:00] Creating A Staircase
  • [28:16] Grouping Stairs
  • [29:33] Duplicating the Stairs
  • [34:16] Searching for Objects in the Hierarchy Window
  • [36:17] Applying Properties to Multiple Objects at Once
  • [39:29] Searching for Assets (using the t: keyword)
  • [47:04] Exporting to the HTML Format
  • [50:07] Completed Project Viewed in  a browser (You may view this first to get an idea of the finished project )

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