Skilfull Thursdays

The principle of Skillful Thursday is very simple: Every Thursday I will be posting a short (7-12 minutes) video tutorial that should help you to up your Unity skills on a very specific topic.This is a list of all Skillful Thursdays so far:

  1. Camera Tricks
  2. AI: Multiple NPCS
  3. Rigid Bodies and Projectiles
  4. Multiple Audio Sounds
  5. Simple Inventory System
  6. AI: Creating Waypoints fro AI (dynamic paths)
  7. Using Raycasting
  8. AI: Using raycasting to simulate NPCs’ sight and change their behaviour after detection
  9. Simple Health Bar
  10. Introduction to Finite State Machines
  11. Introduction to C#
  12. Creating a Maze at run-time with C#, loops and arrays
  13. Intro to C# Classes
  14. Constructors in C# (Part 1)
  15. Constructors in C# (Part 2) + Creating Primitives from a script
  16. 2D Platformer (Part 1)
  17. 2D Platformer (Part 2)
  18. 3D Characters Creation and Animation (Part 1)
  19. 3D Characters Creation and Animation (Part 1)
  20. Drag and Drop Puzzle (Part1)
  21. Drag and Drop Puzzle (Part2)
  22. Simple Game Design Tricks
  23. Input Fields
  24. Optimizing your code
  25. Creating a simple network game.
  26. Creating a Shaky bridge for a 2D platform game.
  27. Creating a 2D Shooter (Part 1).
  28. Creating a 2D Shooter (Part 2).
  29. FAQs on UNITY.
  30. Creating an Infinite Runner
  31. Transforming, following, and accessing objects (and their children)

  32. Creating, activating or destroying objects

  33. Using coroutines.

  34. 5 Common Coding Errors in C# and Unity and how to Solve them

  35. Collision Detection Explained
  36. Creating maintainable and reusable code.
  37. Using Attributes and modifying the Inspector.
  38. Communicating between Scripts in Unity.

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