A Beginner's Guide to 2D Shooter Games

Create 2D Shooter Games and Learn to code in the Process

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Book Description

In this book, you will get started with creating a simple 2D shooter game. The book provides an introduction to 2D shooter games, and it explains how to use C# in order to create an interactive environment.

What you will Learn

After completing this book you will be able to:

  • Write code in C#
  • Create a 2D shooter game.
  • Implement interesting game mechanics.
  • Complete the game from start to finish .

Topics covered in this book:

Topics covered in this book include:

  • Moving a 2D character using a top-down view
  • Creating Sprites.
  • Creating animated sprites (i.e., explosions)
  • Creating and using prefabs.
  • Creating a user interface.
  • Using Physics Materials and 2D RigidBody components.
  • Using Audio for background music or special effects.
  • Managing score.
  • Creating projectiles.
  • Scrolling background.
  • Managing (and ignoring collisions).
  • Generating random numbers.
  • Creating explosions.
  • Creating Timers.
  • Creating Artificial Intelligence (i.e., sight detection, shooting, etc.).
  • Creating a temporary shield.
  • Ignoring collisions based on tags or layers.

If you would like to start scripting with 2D shooters in Unity but do not know how, then this book should be very helpful. This is a perfect introduction to 2D game creation and it will provide you with solid foundations to understand and use C# to create simple 2D games.

Key features

  • Create a 2D shooter game.
  • Learn to code in C#
  • Quizz at the end of each chapter
  • Code solutions provided