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Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Advanced)

Create Multiplayer Games and Procedural Levels, and Boost Game Performances
by Patrick Felicia

Book Description

Newly Edited and Updated Version (Third Edition) for Unity 2019

Create multiplayer games and procedural levels and boost game performances without the headaches
Without this book, most people spend too long trying to develop and optimize their game the hard way. This book is the only one that will get you to create entertaining games and optimize your code without wasting so much time. It includes six chapters that painlessly teach you the necessary skills to automatise the creation of multiple game levels using only a few lines of code; you will create multiplayer games, and also make it possible for players to save their score (and other
features) between games, even if they play on different devices; finally, you will learn to create fast and responsive games by optimizing your code.

What you will learn
After completing this book, you will be able to:

  • Create levels procedurally with C#, save yourself time, and speed-up the level design process.
  • Create levels randomly so that they are different every time the scene is loaded and add re-playability to your game.
  • Read XML files using C# and use the data within to create levels.
  • Create a space simulation using XML and C# and make your scene customizable.
  • Connect to a database from Unity to save and retrieve the player’s score.
  • Create a simple network tank game with projectiles and explosions.
  • Create a Simon game.
  • Optimize your code and your project’s structure

Content and structure of this book
The content of the books is as follows:

  • In Chapter 1, you will learn to create multiple scenes using a few lines of codes and see how it can save you a lot of time and also provide new and fresh levels to the player every time they play your game; along the way you will also create automatic 3D indoor and outdoor environments, a complete solar system simulation, and a randomly generated maze that you can use for your RPGs.
  • In Chapter 2, you will learn how to save data from your game to a database so that players’ score can be saved between games, even if they play on different devices; along the way you will also learn to set-up your own database and combine C#, PHP, and MySQL (even if you have never used these before) to transfer data between Unity and your online database.
  • In Chapter 3, you will create a simple (but fun) network tank game and gain skills that will make it possible to create and deploy your own networked multi-player game.
  • In Chapter 4, you will design and implement your version of the Simon game, a very popular memory game in 1970s whereby the player has to memorize an increasing sequence of colors and sounds; along the way, you will learn how to create and use a finite state machine, a very important concept in computer science, to manage your game and the player’s entries.
  • In Chapter 5, you will learn how to optimize your code so that your game is always fast and responsive and so that players enjoy their experience and want to play it again; along the way, you will also learn how to organize your project and use the best approach to develop your game.
  • Chapter 6 provides answers to frequently asked questions.

If you want to start creating multi-player games and procedural levels using a tried-and-tested method: download this book now!


" I had an awesome time working with this book. The instructions were very good and I was able to follow them. With this book I was able to learn how to do many different things with games that I never thought I would be able to do before. This is definitely a great series for someone who wants to learn how to create games. I feel like I have the tools to make some cool games on my own and show them off to my friends and family."
– Jotto, Amazon Reader

"This book will be the culmination of what my students will learn through books 1-4. They will have the opportunity to work through From Zero to Proficiency (Advanced) as a final assessment project in my online Game Programming Course. Because it is designed to be a stand alone text, students will have guidance throughout the projects, while still building on the knowledge they secured through From Zero to Proficiency, books 1-4. Critical thinking will allow students to experiment and try different approaches, knowing that they can come back to the text for guidance and instruction. The advantage of the Unity 5 From Zero to Proficiency texts is that there are successes along the way. No project is so cumbersome, that an individual student or small group will struggle to complete the courses outlined in the books. Learning Unity and C# are major goals of my course, and over the course covered by these books, my students have learned enough to explore on their own, which is what I am looking for in book 5 – Application and Exploration"
– Mae Tacke, Amazon Reader

"I really enjoy this series. As someone with a basic knowledge of how Unity works, these books are perfect for me. The examples are explained well and by following the code provided, I am able to see how things are created and programmed. To be honest, I have not made it completely through this book yet but so far everything makes sense and I am able to recreate what is shown. For me this is exactly what I want from a training book or tutorial. Patrick Felicia has created an excellent series of books that will increase your ability to work in Unity."
– Garomir, Amazon Reader

"The series Unity 5 From Zero to Proficiency are very complete and usefull for everyone to how know about unity 5, explain very well the concepts and the information about tools we found in the unity program. In this book I learn advance tools and mode to use unity for built my own creations "
– Emiliano Guzman, Amazon Reader

"Great serie! Right to the point, aproaching relevant topics for whoever wants to become a game developer.."
– Amazon reader

"Fourth book 🙂 I want to say something about series Unity 5 From Zero to Proficiency.I have all 4 books. I have some other Unity books too. Difference between this series and other books is: a very good introduction and precise explanations, the author can be contacted, books covers all the important stuff, we gain access to the author’s website where he puts a lot of learning materials – videos. I was trying to learn Unity few years ago. The current version was 3. It was really hard to follow tutorials on youtube. Different authors have made them so I could not catch the track. I started again to learn Unity with the first book, and I was very pleased, so I decided to take a second book.The first book encouraged me I saw I can do it. Author is available for any question or issue. He responds to Emails. That is very important. Now I can really create a game with Unity, I learned C#, it was in third book (I already know Java and PHP) and I really recommend this series to anyone who wants to learn Unity.."
Dejan Knezevic, Amazon Reader

"Forget Youtube! This is a great Series to learn to use Unity and step through projects. The difficulty level increases but the Author steps you through the process painlessly. This last book in the series covers some advanced topics. Take a look at the Index and the promotional video.Best place to start is Book 1 but if you want to jump into coding this book covers some more advanced features. "
Richard Porteous, Amazon Reader