Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Proficient)

Create your very own RPG and learn more C# in the process.

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Book Description

In this book, which is the fifth in the series, you will go from Advanced to proficient and get to create your very own RPG.

What you will Learn

The book includes a list of the learning objectives at the start of each chapter, step-by-step activities, and quizzes to test your knowledge, and the content of each chapter is as follows:

  • Chapter 1 gives an introduction to the RPG genre. You will learn the design principles that will help you to speed-up your development process.
  • Chapter 2 helps you to create and animate your main 3D character, add a camera that will follow this character as well as a mini-map. You will also learn to use ProBuilder to create a village.
  • Chapter 3 explains how to create a dialogue system from an XML file, and how to integrate it seamlessly into your game.
  • Chapter 4 explains how you can create a simple inventory system and use it to collect, store, and use items that you will find in your quest.
  • Chapter 5 shows you how to create a shop where the player can buy items that will then be added to the inventory.
  • Chapter 6 explains how you can create different types of animated and intelligent NPCs that will challenge the player.
  • Chapter 7 explains how you can create a quest system based on an XML file to manage the objectives for each of your levels. You will learn to read, and use this file for your game.
  • Chapter 8 explains how you can create an XP attribution system where the player can use the Xps gained in the previous level to increase his/her skills (e.g., accuracy, power, etc.)
  • Chapter 9 shows you how you can create a maze randomly using a procedural method so that the maze is different every time the game is played.
  • Chapter 10 combines the skills that you have learned so far to create a final level where the player needs to eliminate guards, collect gold, and also defeat the boss.

After completing this book you will be able to:

  • Create an RPG
  • Create a Quest System
  • Animated 3D Characters
  • Create a Dialogue System
  • Create a Shopping System
  • Create an Inventory.
  • Use Object-Oriented Programing
  • Create a maze procedurally using a binary algorithm.

Topics covered in this book:

Topics covered in this book include:

  • C# Programming
  • Mecanim
  • Finite State Machines
  • 3D Character Animation
  • XML files
  • Inventory
  • User Interface Creation
  • Artificial Intelligence

Key features

  • Create an RPG.
  • Create systems that you can reuse in other games
  • Understand and apply key design patterns for game development.
  • Use your time more efficiently to create games
  • Structure and manage your code efficiently.
  • Create levels procedurally.