Getting Started with 3D Animation in Unity

Animate your 3D Characters in Unity

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Book Description

Get Started with 3D Animation Fast

Getting Started with 3D Animation in Unity can sometimes be tedious and difficult if you don’t have an approach that is both simple and detailed.

In the past, I have seen how a simple yet detailed approach to teaching 3D Animation in Unity can make a real difference to student’s ability to animate their characters. There is no magic bullet to achieve this, other than a clear understanding of students’ needs and of what may impact significantly on their progress and confidence. So, everything has been included in this book to make the journey enjoyable and to guarantee your success:

  • This book, unlike many other books on the topic, assumes that you will, as beginners, make mistakes, and it explains how to either avoid them or how to deal with them when they occur. Because this is what happens in real life, we all make mistakes and learn from them.

  • This book also assumes that you can’t be expected to learn everything at once; this is why all the skills will be built incrementally.

  • This book makes sure that you keep motivated by providing you with the right amount of information and challenge in each chapter; we all know that it’s hard to keep motivated when learning a new skill, so this book always contextualizes the knowledge with an example (so that you feel it’s relevant), and also makes sure that you get to challenge yourself if you need to.

  • You will have the opportunity to learn 3D animation in Unity at your own pace and to become comfortable with many of the features offered by Unity, even if you have no previous 3D animation experience. This is because every single new concept introduced will be explained.
  • You will create your own animations.

  • Every step and all the code is explained in great details so that you never feel lost.

  • The solutions to the code and challenges presented in the book are available so that you can compare/check your own code.

  • All the concepts are introduced progressively so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  • All chapters include step-by-step instructions with code examples that you can use straight-away
  • A quiz is available at the end of each chapter (with solutions) so that you can test your knowledge.
  • Optional challenges are added at the end of each chapter.

So Getting Started with 3D Animation in Unity should really help you to animate your 3D characters and make them more believable, and to also enjoy the journey.

It includes three chapters that painlessly guide you through the necessary skills to animate and control your 3D characters and master some very useful features for your NPCs.


  • Chapter 1, Creating Your Character, explains how you can create, animate and import your 3D character so that it can be used in Unity.
  • Chapter Using Finite State Machines, provides step-by-step instructions so that you can start to create control your 3D character through a Finite-State Machine and C#. You will learn how to create states with their corresponding animations, and how to transition between states using parameters and by controlling these from a C# script.
  • Chapter 3, Using 1-Dimensional Blend Trees, provides an introduction to blend trees, whereby you can blend animations based on a single parameter to make these transitions smoother.
  • Chapter 4, Using 2D Blend Trees, further explains and illustrates the concept of blend trees but this time with two parameters. Using this chapter, you will be able to smoothly switch between animations for your 3D character, based on the speed and the direction of the 3D character.
  • Chapter 5, Polishing-Up the Character and Adding Animations, explains how you can fix common issues linked to 3D character import, and it also shows you how to make your character jump, or how to reuse the same animator controller for different character, and save you a lot of time in the process.
  • Chapter 6 provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the topics covered in this book.
  • Chapter 7 summarizes the topics covered in this book and provides you with more information on the next steps to follow.

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What you will Learn

  • Animate yoru 3D Character.
  • Use Mecanim.
  • Use a Finite-State Machine (FSM))in Unity.
  • Create States and Transitions.
  • Control the FSM from a C# script.
  • Apply Animations.
  • Use Blend Trees.
  • Re-use FSMs for multiple characters.

Topics covered in this book:

  • C#.
  • Animator Controllers.
  • Mecanim.
  • 3d Animation.
  • Override Controllers.
  • Blend Trees.
  • Looping Animations.

Key features

  • Step-by-step instruction.
  • Quizzes at the end of each chapter.
  • Hands-on learning