Monthly Archives: May 2016

5 Simple Game Design Tips to Make your Game More Fun


When you start making games, and you have built-up reasonable skills to create what you’d like, it is always interesting to look at how you could improve the game play and make it more fun. Ideally, you’d do that initially in a brief design document, but it’s always possible to add small tweaks that really improve the game; these don’t need to be very complicated, but small changes can make a big difference. So these 5 simple tips should help.

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Drag and Drop for UI Objects Part 2 (12-minute video)


In this short video we resume last week’s tutorial and learn how to drag and drop a UI object, using very simple code.

In this video you will learn to:

  • Use Event Triggers.
  • Track the mouse position.
  • Drag an object.
  • Drop an object.
  • Snap the object on to another object
  • use multiple placeholders
  • Check if an object was dragged and dropped on the right placeholder

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